Maverick Enterprises
Biodegradable Plastics



Maverick Enterprises "Green Film™ " is formulated to biodegrade in a landfill, in a compost, or a natural body of water.  Normal plastic will take about 400 years to degrade.  Maverick "Green Film™ " can degrade in 5 to 10 years depending on the thickness of the film and where it is deposited. Our product, Maverick "Green Film™ ", is designed to attract biota which sees it as food and consumes it. This biodegradation process is done anaerobically (without oxygen) creating methane. Methane is then harvested in 75% of all landfills in the US and converted into energy, such as electricity.

This technology  for Maverick "Green Film™ " is based on adding proprietary pellets into normal plastic during production. The finished biodegradable product will have the same characteristics as the non-biodegradable plastic. It will have the same strength, color, properties, and shelf-life. They are only improved with the ability to biodegrade. If you were to put a sample of Maverick "Green Film™ " beside a nondegradable plastic, you would not be able to tell them apart!



Landfill biodegradable as well as in bodies of water where biota  is present and as litter

No problems with exposure to moisture 

Will not break down in high temperatures   

No expiration dates


FDA approved

Can be recycled

Leaves no harmful chemicals behind in the soil or water table