Maverick Enterprises
Biodegradable Plastics

Green Film for Litter

A recent article in "Plastic News" stated that pouch makers 'have a litter problem' and that producers need to be proactive in addressing the issues. It states that at the end of their life, pouches end up as either trash in a landfill or they become litter, an unwelcome pollution. Maverick is pleased to announce it has the solution to both of these issues. Their "Green Film" will break down when the plastic is left as litter or thrown away as trash in the garbage and later deposited in a landfill. The additive, which needs to be in each layer, enables the plastic to become food for microbes which consume it. As litter, this process is aerobic so the end product is carbon dioxide and water. The test for the litter is ASTM 5988.
I had never thought of a pouch being a litter issue until someone reminded me of all the snack foods and drinks that are now in pouches.
The other possible biodegradables and degradables will not work. OXO-degradables are not a good choice as they only break down into little pieces and many leave heavy metals behind. PLA plastics only break down in commercial and municipal composts, which are hard for the average consumer to access, if not impossible. The rising costs of composting are decreasing this number of composts as well as what they take, so PLA is not a viable option.
"Green Film's" additive is certified ASTM 5526 for landfill biodegradability as well as for litter, ASTM 5988, so this plastic has the best of both worlds: landfill biodegradability as well as litter! It is FDA certified for food contact.