Maverick Enterprises
Biodegradable Plastics
Biodegradable Packaging, Products, and Consulting
Maverick Enterprises is a company whose goals are to help improve the environment with the development and sales of biodegradable  plastic packaging. 

Our “Green Film™” can  provide you plastic that is landfill biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable
  “Green Film™” is landfill biodegradable unlike PLA and oxy-degradables. Whether you need a food bag, shrink film, stretch film, or trays, we have the resources to fulfill all your sustainable packaging needs.

Maverick Enterprises "Green Film™ " was used in the development of the first 100% landfill biodegradable PET, coffee bags, and landfill biodegradable plastic backing for diapers.

Shouldn't sustainability in plastics and packaging be a solution we need for our world and our children's future? What will it cost the environment if we don't do anything to protect the planet?